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December, 2003

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In response to my last several columns, I had these comments on violence, pets etc.   A psychologist wrote and called saying she agreed with me on the effects of violence on the mind and the world-she had an even stronger position, it was totally against the war. I too would like to see no war; yet, no one seems to have found a better or alternative solution that will eliminate it from our lives or our world and still experience our freedom. If anyone has, please write to me or call. Better yet, call the President. I am sure he would welcome any solution. The President carries a much heavier burden and would be thankful not to have to. You can actually call the White House Comments line directly and leave a message for the President.

The next and last column seemed to elicit more comments-one from a lady who did not leave her name or number and said she was sure I did not like animals which is not true. It seems that the point that she missed was that the animal owners must accept responsibility for the actions of the animals and their teachings, not the animals themselves. She said she has triplets and two dogs which have never made them sick. Has this family never been ill ever? How does she know which illnesses were caused by what? Maybe, she is effective in just the things I talked about and has not allowed the animals to contaminate their living space. She did not leave info to contact her to clarify these points.  Another lady also called and did not leave a name. She said that I left something out that she would like to add. She says animals who run wild should be spayed and neutered so they will not make litters who then also run wild and hungry. Last, my husband, a former police officer said I should remind everyone to make a police report on every dog bite. The dog needs to be checked for disease and possibly impounded.  All calls and opinions are noted and appreciated especially if the caller has the courtesy to leave their name and phone number which gives more credit to both the thought and the information left by the caller. It matters what a man or woman stands for and he or she should be willing to put their name on their opinion as I have or the rebuttal idea may not even be taken seriously. Health tips  :   in another area, a friend told me that her Doctor told her to put an over the counter easily purchased antibiotic cream dab in each nasal passage with a q-tip before flying to keep the germs out-ask your Dr. about this for your protection. Last, another lady wrote and sent me a brochure about the bad effects of violence on our minds-so try to avoid it-humor and peace to everyone this New Year- Enjoy,,, On another note, please RSVP to parties ASAP-it seems invitees often forget to respond to the host or hostess who put a lot of time into creating fun for others.  It helps tremendously if you answer immediately.  Please do not drink or take any type of drugs and drive. You will do yourself and us all a great favor.   Happy New Year........!


 Karon Gibson RN may now be seen on Joliet TV, Channel 6, or on Western Cable, Channel 22, on her show Outspoken with Karon.  She can be contacted at or 815-773-4497. She is author of Nurses On Our Own, a story of adventure in the nursing profession.