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October, 2002

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National Nurses Day Celebration

by Karon Gibson, RN

Every year, National Nurses Day is celebrated on May 6; yet, many calendar companies who point out even global holidays of little significance to us forget to mark Nurses Day. There is Boss' Day, Secretaries' Day, Administrative Assistants Day etc. Among other important holidays like Mother's Day, Father's Day and Grandparent's day, where are Aunts' Day, Stepparent's Day, Fireman's Day, Police Recognition Day (which is May 15 -not noted on calendars) and especially Heroes (of all kinds) day. We need to call all calendar vendors that produce these yearly calendars as well as office supply stores who create their own models for us and ask for these holidays to be listed. Not one of these is any more or any less important than the others. We once called florists to make them aware to publicize Nurses' Day and were told it was too close to Mother's Day to try to celebrate it. It is May 6. How can one important holiday negate another? As consumers, it is our responsibility to notify and request that all the celebrations possible are obvious to the public who may hopefully want to mark them to celebrate their friends and relatives. To avoid hurt or disappointed people-make it easy on them and put all these holidays in bold print in calendars and in our lives-we need to celebrate everything. Life is precious and achievements and accomplishments of all walks of life would be nice to embellish.

Remember Nurses Day May 6, Police Day May l5
and Friendship Day August 2-call your personal calendar creator to notify them of these holidays.