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Is Your Business an Unknown Best Kept Secret?

There is an opportunity to increase your visibility and increase public awareness through affordable TV exposure. You and your business can be in the spotlight as you present your expertise, product or service.   As a Guest Expert or Panelist, we offer professionals the opportunity to create an informational segment or a graphic on a Chicagoland TV Show. This show, with a 22 year history, is aired on Chicago City Cable, Channel 25, on Wednesdays at 11:00 AM, Thursdays at 10:00 PM and Fridays at 9:30 PM, as well as many suburban cable stations to a large potential audience of varied age groups. Join other Doctors, Attorneys, Accountants, Authors, Business Owners, Salons, Restaurants, Nonprofit Organizations, Clinics, Psychologists and Unique Products on Outspoken with Karon. This is a half hour show focusing on any topic directly or indirectly related to health, safety, beauty, travel or a better life. This is a reasonable and affordable opportunity. Contact us at 815 773 4497 or email karontv@yahoo.com  or affordabletvads@yahoo.com

Websites are AmericaNewsViews.com, Expertmercial.com or AmericaNurse.com

Potential audience of all ages. Teens, Mothers, Young Men and Seniors all watch this show. Potential audience of up to one million homes. Chicago area subscribers number 400,000 homes.

One Chicago physician states, “I cannot believe all the calls I am getting on my treatments. It is like I am a movie star or a celebrity Doctor. My office phone is ringing off the hook.”


 Sponsor credit: $25

Book display: $35

15-second ad:  $50

30-second ad:  $100

5-minute segment (in studio): $500

30-minute show (in studio): $2500*

*includes five 5-minute segments and 3.5-minute ad

Additional “on location” fee: $100

 Your business listing on our TV web site: $120 / year

+link to your site: $50 / year extra

New Web Site Development for your business: fees start at $250

Outspoken with Karon can be seen in Illinois(Chicago and suburbs) and globally through video streaming at Ustream.tv

Each episode of Outspoken with Karon highlights interesting guests and topics.  You and your business can be in the spotlight as you present your expertise, product or service. To take advantage of this reasonable and affordable opportunity, phone (815) 773-4497 or e-mail asktvnurse@yahoo.com.

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Expert and Professional Interviews
Makeovers and Beauty Hints
Unique Discoveries and New Adventures
"WebSights", Web Sites, and Innovative Products
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Restaurant Reveals and Healthy Gourmet Vendors
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Celebrity Visits, Charity Parties, Real Heroes
Dental Information
Herbal Remedies, Nutraceuticals, and Medications
Traditional, Alternative, and Optional Medicine
Wedding Clips, Anniversary Anecdotes
Hopeful Adoptive Couples Spot-Lighted


Chicago, IL - Channel 25
Approximately 500,000 subscribers = 1 million potential viewers through several cable carriers

Thursday 10:00 PM

Comcast Cable
In prime time, total of 67 suburbs

  Southwest Suburbs: Channel 19 - Thursday 7:30 PM
  Western Suburbs: Channel 19 - Wednesday 7:30 PM

Naperville, IL:  Naperville Community Television - Channel 17
        Watch streaming video on the Internet
        Check schedule in the Naperville Sun or on NCTV website

Streaming video available 24 hours a day



Santa Monica
Approximately 200,000 subscribers

Los Angeles: Channel 24
Approximately 200,000 subscribers

Beverly Hills

Marina Del Rey

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