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Outspoken with Karon TV Show
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AmericaNurse TV Productions invites you to join our mission to educate the public of all ages especially Seniors through community access and cable television. For the past twenty two years, we have created educational television to enhance the knowledge of viewers on medical information about traditional, alternative and elective treatments for wellness that are usually not part of the mainstream medical media.  We have sponsored this idea and expanded our viewership from Chicago to the suburbs and even to Los Angeles  as our charitable contribution.  Our philanthropic efforts have thus far succeeded in saving at least one life, assisting people in weight loss and hair analysis for vitamin excesses and deficiencies. Solutions to many problems have been solved through reflexology and iridology (little known to many) and many other topics.      

Foundations or individuals interested in cosponsoring our efforts to further expand our opportunities to educate and entertain the public in other states or other lands are welcome to contact us.   Karon Gibson, R.N. CCM, Producer  at 815 773 4497  or email asktvnurse@yahoo.com.   

Since there continues to be a demand for in-depth education in health and well-being, the Outspoken TV series strives to demonstrate and inform the public regarding this vital yet personal matter. This cable television show interviews doctors, hospitals, educators, and alternative professionals in their realm of expertise. The shows encompass onstage talk show formats and on-location interviews.

As the producer, host, and creators of Outspoken for over twenty-two years, we are constantly amazed at the increased thirst for knowledge and how to achieve the goal of a longer healthier life. Through the emails and phone calls we receive, we are encouraged that the Outspoken TV series is accomplishing its goal of viewers receiving information in a nonintimidating format. Phone calls allow additional personal confidential information to be accessed. As a registered nurse along with other professional volunteers we have been both rewarded and fulfilled by our contribution to getting the word out and sharing unknown information.

The show is aired in over one hundred cities with a potential projected viewing audience of over two million. Through our charitable efforts, it is crucial to continue to extend these bounds. Sponsorship, grants, and endowments are paramount. Monetary contributions and volunteer connections would allow us to reach out via additional paid networking to enlighten those who are curious yet unaware of their health and safety alternatives.

We would welcome your endowments and suggestions. Together, we will continue to edify those unacquainted or those less fortunate in the process of creating a happier, healthier, and longer life.

Outspoken with Karon can be seen in Illinois(Chicago and suburbs) and globally through video streaming at Ustream.tv

Each episode of Outspoken with Karon highlights interesting guests and topics.  To take advantage of this reasonable and affordable opportunity, phone (815) 773-4497 or e-mail asktvnurse@yahoo.com.

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Expert and Professional Interviews
Makeovers and Beauty Hints
Unique Discoveries and New Adventures
"WebSights", Web Sites, and Innovative Products
Book Reviews and Author Interviews
Restaurant Reveals and Healthy Gourmet Vendors
Doctor's Insights and Nurse's Notes
Celebrity Visits, Charity Parties, Real Heroes
Dental Information
Herbal Remedies, Nutraceuticals, and Medications
Traditional, Alternative, and Optional Medicine
Wedding Clips, Anniversary Anecdotes
Hopeful Adoptive Couples Spot-Lighted


Chicago, IL - Channel 25
Approximately 500,000 subscribers = 1 million potential viewers through several cable carriers

Thursday 10:00 PM

Comcast Cable
In prime time, total of 67 suburbs

  Southwest Suburbs: Channel 19 - Thursday 7:30 PM
  Western Suburbs: Channel 19 - Wednesday 7:30 PM

Naperville, IL:  Naperville Community Television - Channel 17
        Watch streaming video on the Internet
        Check schedule in the Naperville Sun or on NCTV website

Streaming video available 24 hours a day



Santa Monica
Approximately 200,000 subscribers

Los Angeles: Channel 24
Approximately 200,000 subscribers

Beverly Hills

Marina Del Rey

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