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The information on this site is for your information only, and is not meant for self-diagnosis or treatment.

Enhance Memory with Vitamin B Substance

For information about using a Vitamin B substance for enhancing memory through production of acetylcholine transportation over synapses, call Karon at (815) 773-4497.

Mouth Injury Tip

For mouth injuries, especially for children, use popsicles instead of ice packs.

Alleviate Abdominal Pain While Coughing

For abdominal pain caused by excessive coughing, use a pillow as a splint by holding it closely and tightly to the abdomen while coughing to alleviate discomfort.

Head Injury First Aid

For head injuries (bumps and bruises), DO NOT use ice with pressure.  That may cause the swelling to be internal instead of external.  Lightly apply the ice to the injury to stop excessive bleeding.  The bleeding is common, and may seem extensive even from a small laceration.

Flying?  Protect Yourself from Germs!

Put a dab of an over-the-counter easily purchased topical antibiotic cream in each nasal passage with a cotton swab before flying to keep the germs out.  Ask your doctor about this for your protection.


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