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Videos are $49.95 each, and can be purchased from AmericaNurse by phoning (815) 773-4497 or email at AskTVNurse@yahoo.com.

Fans who live outside the state of Illinois may send their name, address, the name of the video, and a check for $49.95  plus $15.95 shipping and handling to:

P.O. Box 7717
Romeoville, IL 60446

Street Savvy Safety Tips - A CPR for Crime


Anti-Crime tips by Street Savvy Safety Cops
          Detective Ralph Gibson and Inv. Gil Broderick

Lively animated skit and demo by two former Chicago Police Tuf Squad decoys on how to counter crime with anti-crime tips.  Educates on how to be a tough target to avoid violent crime on the streets, in your home, or at work.  Tips include anti-rape, car jacking, pickpockets, weapons.  Now on Video Tape (60 minutes).  View a presentation outlining information contained in the video here.

Also available are Outspoken with Karon TV show videos on the following topics:

CPR for Adults and Children
Weight Loss
Emergency Medicine
Acid Base Balance
Hair Analysis
Heart Attacks
Stroke Symptoms
Gun Safety



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