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Hair Analysis by Mail

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Where can I watch Karon’s TV Show?

Seen in Chicago and suburbs, Santa Monica and Los Angeles


Chicago, IL (Channel 25)

Approximately 500,000 subscribers = 1 million potential viewers

    Tuesday 8:30 PM

    Thursday 10:00 PM

    Friday 9:30 PM


If you have Western Cable, Outspoken with Karon is aired on Channel 22 three times a day.  Check your Romeoville Public Television (RPTV) schedule for exact times.


Coming Soon to Naperville Community Television, Naperville, Illinois


WCTV - Wheaton, IL (Channel 19)
Approximately 39,000 viewers

    Wednesday 10:30 AM, 2:30 PM, and 6:30 PM



Palos Hills, IL (Channel 19)

    Thursday 7:30 PM


Oak Brook, IL / Elmhurst, IL (Channel 19)

    Wednesday 7:30 PM


McHenry, IL (Channel 17)

    Thursday 8:30 PM


If you have cable TV, and you live in one of the areas listed below, check your program guide.


                            Berwyn, IL

                            Downers Grove, IL

                            Hickory Hills, IL

                            Hinsdale, IL

                            Joliet, IL (Channel 6)

                            Northlake, IL

                            Romeoville, IL (60446)

                            Tinley Park, IL (60477)



                            Santa Monica, CA - approximately 200,000 subscribers

                            Los Angeles, CA





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 Health and Nurses Health Tips

Vitamin B substance for enhancing memory through production of acetylcholine transportation over synapses.  Call (815) 773-4497 for info.

For mouth injuries, especially for children, use popsicles instead of ice packs.

For abdominal pain caused by excessive coughing, use a pillow as a splint by holding it closely and tightly to the abdomen while coughing to alleviate discomfort.

For head injuries ( bumps and bruises ), DO NOT use ice with pressure that may cause the swelling to be internal instead of external.  Lightly apply the ice to the injury to stop excessive bleeding.  The bleeding is common, and may seem extensive even from a small laceration.

Put an over the counter easily purchased topical antibiotic cream dab in each nasal passage with a q-tip before flying to keep the germs out.  Ask your Dr. about this for your protection.


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Health Foods and Products



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Hair Analysis for Biochemical Deficiencies and Vitamin Therapy

Call for the form and specimen envelope:  (815) 773-4497

Read detailed explanation of advantages of hair testing for your health here.

Requires a total of one tablespoon of hair from the back of the head from three different places.  Shows exactly which vitamins and minerals you have deficiencies or excesses of and which vitamins and minerals you should or SHOULD NOT  take because each person's chemistry is different.  This gives you a five-to-ten page report in easy-to-understand terms.  Also tells you which foods you should or should not eat according to your chemistry.

Click here for result information.



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 Personalized "THIS IS YOUR LIFE" TV Show for individuals to give as gifts
                              (Your living history or your future wishes)

30 minute interview by Karon Gibson with TV "Intro" as used on her shows with a background interview on one or two people spotlighting the highlights of their lives and/or careers.  Call 815-773-4497 for information.  Format on VHS.  Gift for family celebrations, anniversaries, holidays, etc.

Do you remember the stories your grandparents used to tell?  Crossing the Atlantic and landing on Ellis Island.  Their wedding day.  I remember some of the stories my grandparents told me, but unfortunately most of them are lost forever.

Personal video biographies are a way to preserve those precious stories forever and keep your family history alive on video.  Record your family's history for the grandchildren who are too young to understand the stories.  Provide a unique and priceless family heirloom for present and future generations.


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Seminar Information




            Anti-Crime tips by Street Savvy Safety Cops

          Detective Ralph Gibson and Inv. Gil Broderick


            Lively animated skit and demo by two former Chicago Police Tuf Squad decoys on how to counter crime with anti-crime tips.  Educates on how to be a tough target to avoid violent crime on the streets, in your home, or at work.  Tips include anti-rape, car jacking, pickpockets, weapons.  Now on Video Tape (60 minutes).   Contact me at  (815) 773-4497 for more information.



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Professional Referrals


Maria Paonessa (Moda 2000)
Hairdresser and Makeup
1500 N. Wells, Chicago, IL 60610
Phone: (312) 944-6747
Ask about discounted parking!

Wells Nails (Tiffany)
1500 N. Wells, Chicago, IL 60610

Dr. O. Lopez

11315 S. Harlem
Worth, IL
Phone: (708) 448-8899
or long-range page him from
Christ Hospital

Deborah Page Johnson
PH Balance - Acid, Alkaline
Books, Products, and Test kits
(630) 355-7746

Dr. M. Qazi
(708) 636-7575

Dr. Ramsis Ghaly, MD, FACS
Neurological Surgeon and Anesthesiologist

     available from:
          Wayne at Enterprise Printing
          (815) 436-2431
          e-mail:  print@enterprisenews.net

          OR order online at https://secure.lochrie.com/iamaneurodoc/orders.html

Lighted Palm Trees

Tony Koufas, ND
Reflexology and Iridology
24W500 Maple
Naperville, IL
(630) 637-8403

Dr. Rick Malter, Ph.D.
Malter Institute
(928) 649-9343
Author of:

Bevick Video Productions
Weddings and corporate videos

Sanctuary Nail Spa
1500 N. Wells - 2nd Floor
Chicago, IL 60610
(312) 867-1620

Moonlight Serenade Dance and Social Club
Information Hot Line
(708) 705-1775


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Free Charitable Services

Angel Flight America


This organization is committed to ensuring equal access to quality healthcare by coordinating free air transportation for people in need. 

Dreams Do Come True
Paramount Theatre
Aurora, Illinois

Become a sponsor of the Dreams Do Come True program so underprivileged children have the chance to see a live theatrical performance.  Contact the Paramount Theatre's Group Sales Department at (630) 896-7676.


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Awards Received

2002 NurseWeek Nursing Excellence Award - Community Service

200l Citizen of the Year Award

        from West Geneva Lakes Chamber of Commerce, Lake Geneva, WI
        August 7, 2002


1986  Woman of the Year

        by Southtown Economist Newspapers


1984 Small Business Award

        by a national accounting firm


1982 Businesswoman of the Year

        by Chicago Chapter, National Association of Women Business Owners




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Nurses Day Award

            National Nurses Day is May 6.

            Angel Nurse Network



National Police Recognition Day - May 15


Charity Events


Anniversary Celebration


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Millionaire Nurse©


Call 815-773-4497 to express your desire to join the Millionaire Nurse© organization.


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 Newspaper Articles, etc.

Herald News – July 7, 2002

Beacon News, Geneva, WI - August 16, 2002 (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader to view)
        Used with permission from Dennis West, Beacon News


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Other Links


·        www.americanurse.globaltravel.com for TRAVEL and HOTEL RESERVATIONS

·        Paramount Arts Centre

·       American Battle Monuments Commission

            Honor someone for their service in the war.  As a sample, you can view the memorial created for Karon's father who fought in World War II by clicking here.




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Celebrity Party Pictures



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(815) 773-4497





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